Fog City Boy #21

Fog City Boy on the Camino Primitivo

San Francisco, California – August 26, 2016

The Camino is again calling to me.  And I am preparing to answer the call.  The images below are from my Camino last year.




















Regular readers of this blog, or those who have scrolled back to earlier posts, will recall that in 2014, I walked the Camino Portugues from Lisbon to Santiago de Compostela, and in 2015, I walked the Camino Frances from St. Jean Pied de Port to Santiago.

Yellow Concha ArrowThis year, I will walk from Villaviciosa,  in the Principality of Austurias (Spain) to Santiago in Galicia, a distance of about 360 kilometers or 225 miles.  Though a shorter distance than either the Portugues or the Frances, the Camino Primativo winds through the Cantabrian mountains, and the elevation brings the Camino Primitivo its reputation as the most strenuous of the established Camino routes.  I will complete the perigrenacion in about three weeks.

Map Camino Primativo








The banner at the top of the blog is composed of three images:  The first is the flag of the Principality of Austurias; the second is the Fog City Boy; and the third is the flag of Galicia, of which Santiago is the capital.

The Camino Primitivo means “the first Camino” – not the primitive camino.  In the year 813, King Alfonso II of Asturias was informed of the tomb of St. James in what is now Santiago de Compostela.  Alfonso departed Oviedo, his capital, and made his way to the site of the tomb at once, thus practically becoming the first person to complete a Camino (albeit not on foot).  Thus the “first” or “original” Way.

I leave San Francisco for Spain on August 29th.  I start walking on September 1st.  I hope you will follow my blog.  If you wish to do so, you may click on the “Follow” button on the lower right side of the screen.  You will receive my blog entries by email.

With that, I’m off!

Knute Michael



18 thoughts on “Fog City Boy #21”

  1. Hi Mr. Miller, thanks for blog — can’t find the follow button, but please include me.  Have a great walk — that is amazing.  Alice Evans

  2. Mike, I definitely want to follow your blog! Best of luck and good weather on this year’s trip! Brenda

  3. NOT AGAIN……….gutten sie grief!

    Good luck by the way. I follow religiously as you know.

    Sent from my iPhone


  4. Buen camino! I will be following – sort of, as Prater and I are off for two weeks along the Pacific Crest Trail in Sequoia-Kings Canyon NP in a few days. We will be walking, but mules will be toting food and shelter.

  5. Hey Knute! Wishing you an amazing walk! Please let us know when next you are in Asheville. Best, Helen D’Amico Perry

  6. Will be glad to again follow the sterling adventures of fog city person. I do wish you well on your search for “the” way. I’m glad there is more than one. ‘8-D

  7. It was a pleasure to have you in our house!
    It was a long day after the walk to Campiello and then searching for your bag….But all the misteries were solved and even when its hard, Remember that the sun not stops to shine . It was really nice to meet you mike and y wish you the best! Take care, I Hope you have a wonderfull Camino!!

    Your friend,Emily from Casa Herminia

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